Creek Crossing Music Studio


Creek Crossing Music Studio. Where Mesquite goes for piano lessons.  
Coming Events

3/21 KEYS Festival
3/22 World of Music test
3/22 Piano Master Class
4/4 Mesquite Rodeo Parade
4/11 Spring Festival (Classical and Baroque Era music only)

* Share the fun!
* Half price for one month for the new student who signs up for lessons and the current student who invited them.
* This a no-limit offer! Ask for details.
* Custom lessons for preschoolers, elementary, middle schoolers, teens and adults.

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Enriched Piano Lessons
  At Creek Crossing we target excellence in each of these areas:
  • Performance Skills
  • Musical Understanding
  • Music Theory
  • Music History and Literature

Additional opportunities available:

  After School Piano Classes   More information  
  Daytime Home School Piano Classes   More information  

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